The Company

Founded in 2017, Equip Group has helped develop the skills and knowledge of hundreds of coaches, athletes and leaders around the world. Our coaching philosophy is based on a person-centred, optimal functioning approach. We draw our knowledge and skills from neuroscience, cognitive-behavioural and positive psychology sciences, with all our coaches highly educated and experienced.


 Our online education structures are unique in that they are continuously being developed by experts in their respective fields. Our lecturers actively work in the professions that they teach, and are continuously staying up to date with the latest science. All the courses available are certified through local and international bodies, including the IMGCA, REPSSA and others

Our aim is to help you, your team or your organisation reach its optimal level of functioning and performance. We do this using a comprehensive Assessment-Planning-Execution structure. Some of the assessments we use include Shadowmatch, Enneagram, TEIQue and HPTi. You can find out more about these at the links below.


Our Affiliate Coaches