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Starts 01 August 2022


Presented by Eduan Viljoen,
CrossFit Level 2 Coach and Athlete
BA Human Movement Sciences

Eduan is a Crossfit Gym Owner and coach with more than 10 years experience in high performance sport and coaching. For years he continuously placed in the top 15 in Africa, after which he turned his attention to endurance sport. He has completed some grueling single-stage ultra endurance events, such as the Tankwa Grit, the Cradle Grit, and the Munga. Eduan is a high level mental strength and resilience coach with an acute understanding of both endurance and strength.

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Presented by Nic Venter,
MSc Psychology (Sport)
MA Counselling Psychology

Nic Venter is a performance specialist with 10 years experience in high performance sport. He is the head of mental performance at UJ Sport, the Mental performance coach and Mentor at WPCA and the founder of  Equip Sport and Wellness Group. Nic also lectures sport psychology at SACAP and recently had 4 athletes at the 2020 Olympic Games.

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In this course we will cover

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What You Will Gain



We place a lot of emphasis on the development of the human, along side the development of the athlete. This program offers the opportunity for deep self-discovery



This program will help youdevelop the mental skills that help you think more effectively, improve your focus, get into the zone and increase self-confidence. 

Performance Increase

We help you develop effective training techniques, optimise your programming and reach your performance targets through tried and tested physiological skills.

Resilience and Fortitude

This program will help you understand your potential for resilience, and help you reach new levels of pain tolerance, stress tolerance and mental fortitude.

Thanks for a great course, I really found it so worthwhile. As I said during one of our calls, it was quite challenging but I think that is what made it even more worthwhile since I was out of my comfort zone at times.

Melissa Williams, SA Champion and Olympian Athlete

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